Services for Search Marketing


Studio Cappello is an experienced agency that provides companies the certainty of taking full advantage of the services and opportunities that Search Marketing can offer, providing services that are tailored to our clients’ needs.

The right strategic approach to choose from is the one that guarantees a return on your investment in search engines and its various utilities, this is our objective.

To do this we provide services that take into account the individual needs of a company, offering solutions adaptable to any singular project, in order to gain real and reliable results from the work done.

 Many who have chosen our services not only can confirm this to be true, but have been able to count on a concrete return on investment achieved by choosing our services for their web solutions


It is our goal to generate through the Internet targeted and qualified traffic towards our clients’ web sites, in order to achieve practical and tangible results.

The pursuit of such goals does not make it sufficient, although necessary, to simply possess technological programming expertise, but also to have at one’s disposal abilities that lead to a real understanding of the marketing goals that any client needs, so that the online web promotion within the diversified company advertising can be enhanced by other tools used for communication and marketing.

Such activity unites the consulting with services rendered with the intent of reaching two specific objectives:
  1. offer services with a high return on investment
  2. maintain high the standards of quality services offered
Today, Studio Cappello can guarantee advanced marketing services by offering personal assistance to our clients at various times:
  • web site start-up and/or online marketing
  • project designing and managing of online advertising campaigns
  • analysis of the effectiveness of the online advertising campaigns
  • analysis of the competition
  • analysis of how visitors to the web site behave and how the web site performs online

We work with the goal of increasing the number of targeted business contacts (maintaining the cost per contact as low as possible), and convert visitors to your site into actual clients.

For every project we develop tailored solutions on the basis of the needs in reaching our clients’ goals, with a continual fine tuning to “hit the mark” of gaining tangible results.

Studio Cappello’s slogan “Understanding The Problem First, We Find The Solution”, in a nutshell, summarizes the way we work.


Among our clients are PMI, multinational companies, corporations valued in the stock exchange; not only large companies, but even small businesses, web portals and/or non-profit organizations that desire to use the best the Internet has to offer in order to increase their visibility and popularity.