Pay per Performance

If the client desires a high number of visitors to the site to be marketed, the client may choose the option of paying, not for the positioning gained in the search engines, but the actual number of quality accesses to the site, that is from visitors to the site that are actually interested in the products/services that the site is offering, thus to convert a visitor into a client.

This service is performed according to the positioning strategies incorporated within the SEO and Pay Per Click services, but with the difference that the client pays on the cost per visitor to the site basis, thus with the assurance of paying exclusively for results obtained.

The steps taken for the creation and management of a pay per performance marketing campaign are:
  • Defining the goals to be reached through the campaign
    The audience target is defined and the goals or objectives to be met, such as: increasing the number of visits to the site, increasing the number of registered users, increasing the number of sales.
  • Defining the keywords to be used in order to reach the target audience relative to the web site
  • Defining (or creating) the web pages within the site where visitors will “arrive” first, relative to the keyword category on which the search is based.
  • Planning the campaign and defining, above all, the initial phase of the campaign, from the paid listings to the main networks to use. The marketing campaign will be done wihin the most important search engines, indexes and portals (according to language or country), such as search engine.
  • Campaign activation. The link to the client’s web site within the most important search engines in the world will be visible in less than 5 days.
  • Fine tuning the campaign, in order to reach the objectives established for the marketing campaign. This is the most important part of the campaign, in order to convert visitors to the site into quality contacts, which are potential clients. It is for this reason that we work side-by-side with the client, to give the needed support in delicately fine tuning the campaign.
  •  Full report and analysis of the results achieved progressively through-out the campaign