Many have already chosen us: discover why!



1.    We offer services tailored to the needs of our clients
We have served hundreds of clients with specific projects and needs. Among these are multinational corporations and market leaders, many companies involved in tourism, also small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and associations.

2.   Excellent quality services, tailored to every need
Our services are certainly considered to be among the best ones offered in the Web Marketing sector, with a cost for quality almost unmatched by other agencies, such as our exclusive services like TOP10 Guaranteed.
We dedicate the maximum professional attention in every step of production, even in the initial consulting phase with the client. It isn’t enough just to show a client a price list or a listing, but we try to fully understand the needs of our clients and to guide them towards the best solutions possible with the budget they have and in order to have a reliable return on investment, one our clients can count on.

3.   Consulting and quality analysis
Our ability to deliver the goods comes primarily from the way we market and the means of communication we choose. Thus we are able to provide companies with the guidance and information they best need in order to market their web site on the Web.

4.   Constantly up-to-date and NOSPAM POLICY
We are constantly up-to-date with the ever-changing world of search engine marketing and on the best methods on how to optimize web sites for marketing. We work following the rules established by search engines. We don’t use underhanded methods to position a web site, such as spamming, which search engines ban, and will inevitably expel a site that uses spamming from their databases and place it in their “black book”. We primarily try to work with the content of a site that will be marketed in order to obtain maximum visibility in search engines.

5.    Awards
We were awarded, with great satisfaction, the Best Italian Web Marketing Agency Award in the IL SOLE24ORE competition

6.   We contribute to the growth of the Search Engine Marketing sector
We have taken initiative in contributing to the growth of SEM. Some examples:
  • We founded the first professional course for Search Engine Marketing Specialists
  • We have provided Web and Search Engine Marketing courses and workshops for Chambers of Commerce, Universities, Associations, and Computer agencies.
  • The book (available only in Italian) "Posizionamento dei motori di ricerca" (“Search Engine Positioning”) written by Andrea Cappello has surpassed 12,000 copies, distribuited on and off line (the best selling book on Search Engine Marketing and Positioning in Italy)
  • For years we have written articles about search engines and search engine marketing for the most important magazines and chat rooms online. Among these are: Bernabè-Magazine; CWW.IT; AffariItaliai;; Mlist; I-dome;,; Web Marketing Service; Mercato Globale; Webb-In; Software Planet; 01Net; Via Dei Mercanti;;,...
7.   We love what we do
As a matter of fact, it’s the only thing we do, we aren’t a web design agency, we don’t make advertising banners, we don’t make multimedia and communication tools, and we aren’t a graphics studio. We simply handle and develop marketing campaigns to increase the online visibility of web sites, making good use of the search engines as a marketing tool.

8.   Strategic partners
We are among the first companies in Italy to have an certification by Google, Bing,  Yandex, Facebook. We collaborate with many Internet operating agencies. We have established partnerships with important European and International agencies.

9.   Appreciating the market
Among the over 10,000 subscribers to our newsletter who desire to keep up-to-date with what our company is doing, there are many leading agencies, which confirms the quality of the services offered. Among these are: Microsoft, Dada, Espotting,  Barilla, Pirelli, Ikea, Berloni, Bayer, Lamborghini, Breton, Despar, Panini, Bibop,  SDA Bocconi, Universities of Padova, Udine, Bologna, Venezia, Ikea (etc.)..

10.  High reliability!

We have never disappointed any client, failing to meet the objectives of a campaign