Web Analytics

Following the client’s investment in an online marketing campaign (search engine marketing, banner advertising, email marketing, pay per click campaigns, etc.), often it is difficult for the client or company to have the time, expertise, and tools in order to analyze the progressive results of the project in action, even though one can get information on the results of a marketing campaign through the use of software that provides these statistics (which is not included in this service).

We provide clients with the same statistics, using professional software to extract these statistics from a marketing campaign, but breaking it down in terms that a client, who is not specialized in this sector, can easily understand. We can convert these numbers and statistics into a marketing strategy analysis, explaining them in full detail so that the client is fully up-to-date and aware of the results achieved by the marketing campaign he or she has chosen, which also includes a detailed analysis of the paths chosen by a user navigating through your web site. All this to understand fully:
  • What is the client’s presence in the target market online
  • How is the site “responding” to the objectives established by the company
  • Who is actually visiting the web site, in order to have a clear idea of what the target audience is on the Internet
  • On which search engines, portals, and marketing campaigns is it really advantageous to invest
  • How the results obtained relate to the positioning achieved
  • If possible, calculate the return on investment (ROI) of the campaign
 This analysis, together with the ideal strategy to be chosen, is to better understand:

  • How to improve a company’s presence in the Internet
  • How to best address the information or services the site is trying to deliver through out the Internet and the web advertising campaign
  • What are the critical areas where action is needed
  • How to best invest the budget figure established by the company for advertising itself on the Web
This service provides an analysis, a detailed document, a meeting with the client to discuss together the statistics with one of our specialists or with a consultant.