Search Engine Optimization / SEO

The services mentioned in the previous section provide in obtaining good site positioning through the use of “support” web pages and domain names, which will be marketed.

To position the web site within search engines specialists will directly work with the code of the web site that will be positioned, adopting solutions tailored according to each individual project, and used by web agencies to create web pages.

Our objective is to optimize our clients’ sites with adequate solutions in the programming language used to create the site, or working on the dynamic platform used by the site.


Even if they belong to the same business sector, two clients may need different solutions in order to satisfy their particular needs to achieve “search engine visibility”, also due to the various factors involved in meeting the goals of an individual project, the complexity, the reference market, and the reference target.

search engine optimizationClient consultation includes all the aspects involved in tackling the various obstacles linked with search engines: from the defining of the target to marketing in a specific language, in order to evaluate how search engines are mostly used – all this through an in depth quantity, as well as quality, analysis; from the analysis of the competition in the search engines to the analysis of the visibility of the site to be marketed; from the correct indexing of the site to the improving of the link popularity and of the page rank; from the  constant maintenance in order to have constant results to the monitoring of the site performance brought on by the positioning.


The service of optimizing a web site does not end at outset of a project, but may require the constant support provided by a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency, thus to have global solutions involved in Search Engine Marketing:
  • Constant consultation on how best to use the search engines
  • Ongoing analysis of how “search engine friendly” the site to be marketed in the search engines is, in order to fine tune the site
  • Constant fine tuning of the actual marketing campaign
  • Progressively adapting to the needs of obtaining the objectives established by the marketing campaign